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Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WICCI)

Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WICCI)

Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI) is a premier National Business Chamber for Women envisioning Global Impact for Women Entrepreneurs, Businesswomen and Professionals from all walks of life.

Supported by the massive global and influential women’s networks viz. G100, ALL Ladies League (ALL), Women Economic Forum (WEF) and SHEconomy, with 500,000 members and industry leaders worldwide, WICCI drives fundamental changes in governmental policies, laws, incentives and entrepreneurial ecosystems, with a view to robustly encourage and empower women in business, industry and commerce across all sectors and fields.

WICCI Councils have a robust inter-disciplinary & cross sectional structure enabling both depth and width of knowledge and leadership from all strata of economy and society, forming the basis of policy changes at the top levels of decision-making as well as mindset and societal transformation at the grassroots.

With 18,000+ office bearers across 1200+ councils in 200+ Sectors develop different areas of focus and diverse endeavours to mainstream women’s voices and uphold women’s interest in policy making at multiple levels.

Representing a wide variety of sectors of industry, economy and society, WICCI actively engages the voice of thousands of women entrepreneurs and professionals.

Our manifold and multifaceted Councils at National, Regional, State, City and Bilateral levels, along with the 3 National Boards (Governing, Advisory and Executive) suggest from time to time concrete steps and recommendations to relevant government authorities and institutions to empower women-owned businesses to become more competitive.

These diverse inputs converge to shape up many unique ideas, interventions and innovative recommendations evolved by the various councils and presented to government authorities for policies – having a huge growth impact on women’s businesses, professions, equity and empowerment.

We welcome you to Lead a Council at WICCI and become part of our all-inclusive institution of influence. Together, we can be the change and seek the change.

Find out more at https://www.wicci.in/

Cyprus WICCI

WICCI Cyprus operates under the auspices of the Cyprus-India Business Association which is established and operating under the auspices of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI). The length of the term of the board members of WICCI Cyprus is set at 2 years.

The High Commissioner of India to Cyprus H.E. Ms. Madhumita Hazarika Bhagat together with Ms. Elena Tanou are the initiators of WICCI Cyprus. Ms. Marina Zevedeou has been elected as the President of WICCI Cyprus and Ms. Elena Tanou as the Vice President of WICCI Cyprus.

Faceboook: https://www.facebook.com/wiccicyprus/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wiccicyprus?lang=en